Our Services

"Put yourself in their shoes".

On our quest to provide our costumers with the most satisfying service and make their employees and clients the most successful business trip, we put ourselves in our clients shoes. Learn more about what we can offer you during your stay with us. 

We know work can make us forget even the most important of our necessities.

Skipping lunch. Working late nights. At Homtel our crew is here for you; We offer delivery services of luxury foods morning, day, and night.  

We want to help you while traveling and excuse you from having to deal with it all;

Car rentals, transportation systems and fees… with the mission to save your time and efforts we offer vehicles and transportation deals saving our client’s budget and time.

We all love a clean work space but don’t have the ability to keep it that way.

We have laundry but don’t have the time for it. We are here for this also! We provide cleaning and laundry services, to help you get through the trip with peace of mind.  

We work better with better conditions!

In each Homtel asset we make sure to treat our tenders with unique facilities: pools, sport courts, cinemas and more.

Inspiring. Comfortable. Spaced.  

We customize unique working & meeting spaces to fit your need of working in a comfortable environment with your whole team if necessary. We offer spaced meeting rooms equipped with computers, boards, projectors and more!

Keep your workout routine even when traveling.

In coordination with our clients, we provide access to equipped gyms or personal equipment to the Homtel apartment, not having to step out from your property.

Making arrangements, deliveries and more.

You have enough on your plate: working, coordinating with partners, and team meetings… We can assign you with our local personal assistant to help you with all your additional personal tasks.

Want to schedule a refreshing activity for your mates? even partners?

Doing special activity with mates or partners on your business trip can elevate your team’s work ethic and bring positive energy. This contributes to the success of the trip!